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5 Ways Automatic Operated Doors Give Your Brand A Friendly Face

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The door is the first object of interaction for visitors coming to your commercial premises. It can make or break the impression a visitor has of your brand. Most importantly, the door is the access point to your building; it can deny access to some people, which will lead to lost business. The law also requires you to provide access to all people and avoid discrimination against physically handicapped people. The door also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the overall architecture. Automatic operated doors present a friendly face of your brand in different ways: 

1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant 

ADA compliance requires all commercial premises to give easy access to physically handicapped people. Handicapped automatic operated doors are the most ADA compliant door type because they are designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind. They offer a smooth operation and open fully with minimum effort. 

These doors are easy to operate. All you need to do is push a button or wave your hand to open.

2. Touchless Hygienic Control    

Automatic operated doors are touchless and hygienic for the simple reason that they do not require physical contact to work. The door automatically opens when you wave your hand in front of it or press the touchpad, eliminating the need to touch them directly. You can also program the door to work with a card reader to grant access only to registered employees or people with authorized access. It eliminates the risks of spreading germs by touch.

3. Modern Sleek Designs    

The designs of automatic operated doors are sleek and modern. The doors have been designed to complement the architectural style of any building, be it a modern or classic building. You can choose from an array of door designs and finishes that will blend in perfectly with your corporate identity. In addition, they also do not require much space for opening, which means you can save on space. 

4. High Traffic Flow    

Automatic operated doors offer smooth operation, which means they can handle large traffic volumes during peak hours. It gives your visitors seamless access to your premises, giving a smooth welcome. They also move faster than conventional doors, which means you can save on the cost of electricity and maintenance. 

5. Eco-Friendly Design    

Automatic operated doors are designed to operate in a motionless state, which means they do not require energy to stay open. They also come with low voltage motors and controls, which means they consume less energy.

To learn more about automatic operated doors, talk to a supplier or installer in your area.