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Three Possible Reasons Why Your Gun Safe Won’t Open

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Gun safes have proved to be quite important, especially if you want to keep firearms away from kids or thieves. As much as you want to keep your firearms safe, you still want to access them as fast as possible whenever you need to protect your family. As you well know, gunfights are won in a matter of seconds. But if you cannot get your weapon out quickly, your chances of winning the gunfight are much slimmer. 

With this in mind, you should ensure that your gun safe is working pretty well. If you notice some problems, call a locksmith who deals with gun safes for homes. In most cases, your gun safe won't open due to one of the following reasons:

Dead Batteries

Most homeowners rarely suspect that their batteries are the problem when the gun safe fails to open. So, before you start to panic, try to find out if your batteries are just dead. Remember that your gun safe has an electronic keypad that requires battery power to work. 

Unless you replace the batteries, your gun safe will remain inaccessible. Avoid using off-brand batteries on your gun safe as they tend to lose their charge quickly. Always use the name-brand batteries because they have a better chance of serving you for an extended period.

Jammed Bolt

The lock on your gun safe has several moving components that must work in harmony for the door to open. One of those components is the bolt, and it's usually the last component to move. However, if dirt and debris clog up around the bolt, it will jam. 

You can try to loosen a jammed bolt by attempting to pull on the handle while still pushing on the safe door. The push and pull action might be enough to realign the locking mechanism. Once the door opens, clean the bolt to avoid getting locked out of your gun safe in the future. 

You Have Forgotten Your Combination

Sometimes mechanical failures aren't always the reason why your gun safe won't open. It can be a simple reason, such as forgetting your combination. If that's the case, there is nothing much you can do other than call a professional locksmith. The locksmith will use special tools and their knowledge to infiltrate the safe. They can also work with the manufacturer to regain access to your safe. Once they gain access to your gun safe, they'll help you program a new combination to open the lock. 

Other possible reasons why your safe won't open might include:

  • Damaged wiring
  • Deactivated code
  • Lockout mode
  • Time delay

If you are still having problems with your gun safe and need a new one, keep these tips in mind when looking for gun safes for sale near you.