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Three Locks That Will Help You Avoid Calling The Locksmith At Three AM

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An old-fashioned door lock can provide adequate security, but it does not provide the convenience or the security that you can get with a modern tech-enabled lock. If you are looking to upgrade your door locks for whatever reason, you should seriously consider going with a smart lock. The following features will help you gain an idea of what you should look for. 

Smartphone Pairing

Locks can pair with your smartphone in a couple of different ways:

1. Wi-Fi: A lock that pairs with your smartphone through  a wi-fi connection provides you with access to your lock no matter where you are in the world. Thus, you could be on a business trip in Sri-Lanka and simply whip out your phone to check the status of your locks and send a command to lock them if necessary. 

2. Bluetooth: A lock that uses bluetooth will respond to your phone when you get close. The lock will then open your door without you having to get your phone out of your pocket. While a bluetooth lock does not allow you to lock your home from anywhere in the world, it does ensure that you don't have to worried about sitting on your doorstep fumbling with keys only to realize that you have misplaced the door key. 


Some locks will come with a built in camera that can send a video feed to your phone through your home's wi-fi network. Thus, the lock can send you an alert when someone arrives at your door. You can then open a door for a guest or call the cops if something more sinister is going on. 

Z-Wave Technology

If you plan on automating more than just your door lock, then you should look for a lock that is able to join the same network used by other automated devices in your home. Many automated devices use z-wave technology, so looking for a lock that also uses z-waves will help you to integrate control of all of your automated devices into one app. Even if buying an automated lock is your first step towards automating your home, if you have future plans to automate more of your home, then you should make sure your lock is z-wave capable. 

Calling a locksmith at three in the morning is inconvenient for everyone involved. Instead, call your locksmith during normal business hours and discuss what smart locks could work well in your home. A qualified locksmith should be up-to-date on all the latest smart lock technologies and can thus advise you on what to buy and which technologies make the most sense for you. For more information, contact a company like Global Lock and Key.