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Make Sure To Have An Emergency Locksmith In Your Contacts

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Getting locked out can happen to anyone, and it's more than just forgetting your keys. Batteries for remote locks can not only fail, but lose their programming or the lock itself may be damaged by some strange circumstances. Forgetfulness happens, but what if you're simply in a rush because of another emergency, only to create a lockout emergency? Whether you're having technical difficulties, sick, or just prone to forgetfulness, here's a few things to look for in an emergency locksmith to make sure your next lockout is in good hands.

24-Hour Service Is A Must

It's perfectly fine for an auto shop or home repair store to have a locksmith service on the side. After all, if they're good at what they do and they're licensed, why not get a few extra customers? However, for your emergencies, you can't rely on businesses who have limited hours unless you're absolutely sure that they'll make exceptions for you.

Ask your locksmith if they have 24-hour services. If that's already advertised, it's less likely that you'll have to wait on someone to wake up from the middle of a good night's rest to sleepily fumble with your locks. Getting dressed, getting coffee and getting over a cranky awakening takes time, after all.

While this suggestion seems simple, it's not uncommon for a panicking person to be locked out and dialing a closed store's number in desperation. Common sense sometimes disappears in a panic, but a pre-planned locksmith contact on a phone and written down in convenient areas can cover what a hectic mindset misses.

Insurance And Safety Precautions

If you've had a locksmith open a car door or get into a house door before, you'll know about the damage disclaimer. Locksmiths are professionals and will do what they can to avoid damaging your property, but some techniques are damaging by nature.

Consider a locked car door. Many locksmiths will try to enter from the window, which involves going near the door seal. Some tools used to open locks can scrape against the seal, which could remove some of the material or rip the seal off completely. In many cases, it's an acceptable risk for being locked out, which means you'll need to pay for the repairs.

If your locksmith service has insurance, you can get compensation for the damage. The locksmith is already paying insurance to stand out as a great service and for your own safety, so you're not taking anything from your trusted professional.

Contact a locksmith services professional like Tri-County Locksmith or others locally to discuss availability, insurance and different services such as rekeying and lock decor.