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Advice When Your Business Premises' Remote Keyless Entry System Fails

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Remote keyless entry systems have become a popular choice for businesses seeking to enhance security and streamline access control without the need for physical passes or keys. Once installed, they can provide a very controllable way of awarding and denying access permission rights. That being said, like any technology, these systems can sometimes malfunction or fail, causing potential operational disruptions, not to mention serious security concerns. What should you do when your business premises' remote keyless entry system fails? Read on to find out.

Establish a Backup Plan

To prepare for unexpected remote keyless entry system failures, it is highly advisable to come up with a suitable backup or recovery plan. Typically, this will involve having the number of a keyless entry remote system locksmith on standby to call at a moment's notice. In addition, to planning on which keyless entry remote system locksmith you will turn to for help, consider keeping a set of physical keys in a secure off-site location. These should be made accessible only to designated personnel in cases of system failures with a clear procedure on who can gain access to your workplace and who cannot until the system is restored.

Check for Simple System Fixes

In some cases, the fault that is preventing access to your commercial premises may be relatively easy to solve. Even so, you should still call a keyless entry remote system locksmith to help prevent further lockouts down the line. That said, check that the fobs you are using are properly powered with suitable batteries. Don't assume that because one or two fobs are not working that access is not possible. There may be others that function properly so ensure you have checked as many as possible to establish whether the fault is system-wide or not. In other cases, the fault might come down to how the electromagnetic lock is powered. A simple blown fuse could result in some doors opening while others do not, for example.

Undertake the Appropriate Inspections and Maintenance

Preventing keyless entry system failures from occurring in the first place is a sound strategy. Consequently, booking regular inspections and preventative maintenance checks with a company that provides keyless entry system locksmith services is advisable. Your preferred keyless entry remote system locksmith should confirm after each visit that they've checked for signs of wear and tear. Faults typically develop from frayed wires or loose connections, for example. In addition, you should ensure that your system software is up-to-date and apply any necessary updates or patches routinely.

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