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Benefits Of Re-Keying Your House Locks

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Re-keying a lock is different from changing a lock because it involves changing the lock's working key without replacing it. This means you have the same lock, but the old key will not be able to open it. The following are some benefits of re-keying your house locks.

Restrict Access

When you move into a new home, you will need to re-key the locks so that anyone who has an old key no longer has access. This also applies to new home construction. In this case, you will need to re-key the locks when the project is over. This is because the contractors have copies of the keys to the locks.

The same case applies when remodeling your home. You might give the contractors the keys to different rooms. Similarly, if the people living in your home leave or a roommate moves out, you may need to re-key the locks. In all these scenarios, it is easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to re-key your home's locks than to change them.

Fixing a Security Breach

If you are worried about a security breach resulting from a lost key, re-keying may be a suitable solution. It is also a worthwhile fix if you have recently divorced your spouse and feel insecure because you fear they might break in and take something valuable to retaliate.

Re-keying minimizes the time you are vulnerable to a security threat. Unlike changing locks, which involves choosing a suitable lock and dismantling the existing lock, re-keying takes a few minutes. This is a convenient solution if you want to address a security loophole quickly.

Making a Master Key for Different Locks

Carrying around a set of keys for different locks is cumbersome. You can resolve this problem by re-keying all the locks to the same key. However, for this to work, all the locks in your house should be of the same brand. The locks should have the same type of keyhole. Therefore, before hiring a locksmith to make a master key, try your keys in all the locks you want to re-key to determine whether they have identical keyholes.

Making Customized Locks

One way to make your home secure is to avoid generic locks. These locks are less secure because they can be easily picked. Burglars are familiar with these locks because they are common in most houses they vandalize. If you buy these types of locks, you can secure them by re-keying them. Re-keying a lock involves changing the pin arrangements to achieve a customized lock. 

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