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Safety First: 3 Ways To Increase Security For Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, you likely put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your success. Building your empire is no easy feat, so you should take every possible measure to protect it. You likely have a security system of some sort in place already, but are you truly confident that it is up to par? To be 100% sure, check out the following three ways to amp up security for your small business.

Upgrade Your Locks And Keys

According to the FBI, 33.2% of burglaries stem from unlawful entry. This means that no force was used to get inside the burglarized property. You can decrease your chances of unlawful entry by improving your lock and key systems. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Take advantage of modern technology. From keyless entry systems to time-delay combination locks, you have dozens of options to choose from.

  • Locks are not just for your business's doors. Make sure that you have high-quality locks on your windows, roof access, gates, garages, and so on. This may seem excessive, but think about it from an intruder's point of view - if it opens, it is an easy way to enter the building.

Eliminate Any Safety Snafus

Take some time to carefully survey your property. Look for the most trivial safety snafus, as they could make theft and robbery easy. The following list offers some ideas for eliminating safety issues.

  • Review how your store is arranged. Is your expensive merchandise properly monitored and secured? Would convex mirrors help you view your store more thoroughly? Ask yourself questions like these, and take the appropriate measures to fix any issues.

  • Review how your money is managed. Do you have a high-quality safe? Do you keep a minimal amount of cash in your store? Do your employees perform consistent cash drops? Make sure that your money is secure by reviewing your current procedures.

Hire A Third-Party Security Service

  • Loss Prevention – The presence of a security guard can deter potential thieves from stealing your merchandise. Additionally, these guards have the training to spot theft and handle the situations accordingly.

  • Security For Employees – As a business owner, your employees are valuable assets. When a security guard is present, robbers may be deterred from harassing or harming your employees.

  • Security For Customers – In many instances, third-party security services can greatly benefit your customers. For example, you may have customers who are hesitant to walk to their car when it is dark outside. Perhaps a recent crime in the area has your customers on high alert. The presence of a security guard is very reassuring.

By exploring the three options above, you can truly enhance the security of your business. If you have questions about any security measures, contact a security company, a locksmith, and similar professionals, such as Maffey's Security Group. They can provide you with advice and resources for ensuring your store is as safe as possible.