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If You're Worried About Unauthorized Key Duplication, Use A Restricted Keyway

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Have you ever seen (or owned) one of those keys with "Do Not Duplicate" prominently displayed on it? Really, it's more of a suggestion than anything else. Locksmiths will certainly duplicate such keys if you need them to. By contrast, restricted keyways turn that statement from a suggestion to a reality.

A Full System Just for You

Restricted keyway systems are a full lock and key solution that only one locksmith has control over. That means if someone was to somehow get a hold of your key, they can't bring it to any locksmith for duplication. Any locksmith they do bring it to will direct them to the locksmith that controls the keyway.

That locksmith will not allow anyone to duplicate the key but you and people you specifically authorize. This arrangement is ideal for any number of both personal and business related scenarios.

How Restricted Keyways Work

A restricted keyway works much like any other newly keyed lock. The main difference is that the locksmith will key a cylinder that's unique to only you. The locksmith will also control the means of distributing keys for that lock. Your initial set of keys will receive a number, which the locksmith will file away into a log of some kind.

Do You Need a Restricted Keyway System?

Not everybody needs the added security afforded by restricted keyway systems. But there are a few things that benefit from restricted keyway systems more than others.

Businesses – As an extra security measure for a business, a restricted keyway system is ideal. It will allow you to limit access. But more importantly, it will give you the power to grant access to those that require it, without fear that they may make a copy. This allows you to know precisely who has a key at all times.

Safes – A safe where you may keep valuables or a firearm probably should have an extra level of security. A restricted keys system can ensure that you're the only person anywhere that has a key. Or, you can have a single duplicate made to give to someone you trust just in case.

Rentals – If you own property, a restricted keyway system will make sure that you're in control of access and not the tenants. When a tenant returns a key to you, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing there aren't any duplicates floating around out there.

Even if you don't feel you need a restricted keyway system, they're still a good option for adding some extra security. Restricted keyways make it far more difficult for would-be-thieves and trespassers to pick your locks.

Speak to a Locksmith

If you're worried about security, then there are other lock and key solutions out there as well. If you're worried about unauthorized key duplication, then few things work better than restricted keyways. Speak to a professional locksmith (like those at Suburban Lock) about the choices available to you. They may have a solution just for you that can satisfy all of your security needs.