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Keeping A New Small Business Safe From Theft

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If you have recently bought a commercial building to open your own business, you are most likely very busy with plans in getting established as soon as possible. While you are moving inventory to your new building, taking safety precautions is necessary in keeping theft from occurring. Here are a few steps you should take when you first start moving into your new business to keep thieves from gaining entry.

Call A Locksmith

The first thing you should do after getting the key to your new business building is change the locks. Call a locksmith such as Irvine Lock & Key to install heavy-duty deadbolts and window locks. If you are going to have several employees working with you, consider using a card access reader for them to gain entry. This will allow you to check who is inside at all times. If you have a smaller building, have a master-key made for yourself to open all doors and give limited access to employees by allowing them only one door to use for entry.

Keep Things Low Key

While you want to announce to the world that you are opening your business soon, it is best to keep things quiet until after you have safely put theft deterrents in place. Putting up grand opening signs can wait until after you change locks and put alarms in place, otherwise you may lose some of the valuables you wish to sell. 

Do not place cardboard boxes you used to move your items out on the street to be picked up by the local garbage or recycling company because this will draw attention to your building as being in use. Instead, stack the boxes up neatly inside your establishment and haul them away at the end of the day to a recycling center on your own.

Be Careful With Expensive Items

As you move new items into your business, hide the more expensive ones in a room away from view until you are able to open for business. Invest in a safe to keep them locked up, if possible. When you are able to open for business to the public, place the expensive items out in the open in a well-lit area so anyone peering in from the outdoors will know they will be in plain view should they attempt to get inside to take them.

Add Surveillance

Call in an alarm company to install a sounding alarm if someone tries to get into your building when it is closed. Cameras are also a big help as they will deter theft from happening during your opening hours. If thieves notice cameras inside an establishment, they will not be so quick to come back to try to steal when no one is around because they risk being seen. They will simply move on to a different target.