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Two Tips For Maintaining Your Access Control System

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Installing an access control system in your business plays a key role in keeping your building secure. However, installation is only the first step. Regular maintenance on your system is key to keeping your building secure, long-term. Make certain you know what steps are necessary to maintain your unit and security. Here are a few of the things you want to consider when maintaining your unit.

Database Maintenance

One of the first areas you want to focus on is database maintenance. The database plays an integral role in the system. It is primarily responsible for storing credentials and other identifiers that help the system determine who has access to a particular area and who doesn't. In many ways, an access control system is only as efficient as the database. If the database is not up to date, this can pose a serious safety risk.

For example, say you had an employee who quit six months ago. If the database has not been updated, this employee could use their old credentials to gain access to the building. Some companies schedule database maintenance, such as once a quarter. However, more frequent maintenance is best. Each time an employee retires, is terminated, quits or even changes roles within the company, the database needs to be updated. Failing to update the database can leave your system less than secure.

Backup Maintenance

It's also important for you to have the backup component of the access control system serviced. In the event of a power failure, inclement weather, electrical malfunction or some other issue, the backup unit kicks in to power the system and maintain security. Particularly if the backup unit has not been used for a long period of time, it's important to have it inspected by an installation specialist.

During an inspection the repair specialist will ensure the backup unit is operating correctly and make any necessary repairs. The period after some type of malfunction has occurred is not the time to discover that the backup unit is not working correctly. Since all units are different, it's a good idea to refer to the company that installed the unit for you to see how often you need to have your backup system serviced.

In addition to your due diligence, an installation specialist can help keep your unit fully functional. Make certain you are making access control system maintenance from a company like Midwest Lock & Security a regular part of your facilities maintenance regimen.